A Review Of The Pioneer DDJ-SX, and VirtualDJ 7.4.1

I have used the above combination a few times, and on the last occasion found the new native VDJ mapping to be superb. I made one minor modification, changing the panel select button so that it rotated through browser-sampler-effects-record. Prior to this change it rotated through player-loops-effects.

Software stability is good when configured correctly on a Windows computer. Being a little savage, I would say that PC illiterate DJ buffoons need a overpriced Apple Mac at £1700, whilst a new PC World Windows 8 Asus Laptop for £300 is fine, that’s if you have half a brain! I was pleased with my ability to control both VDJ effects, and samples using the Pioneer. Even though I achieved a great level of software stability, I wonder if such controllers are ready for professional club usage. My main concern with the the DDJ-SX is its cheap , and fragile power supply. Why has it not got a built in power supply , and a mains connection? All controllers appear to be the same…amateur, except the new DDJ-SZ.

Whatever, overpriced bedroom DJ rubbish is still being sold in the guise of professional equipment. Maybe you can get by in a pub with 50 people if things go wrong, but not in a club with 2000. The future is digital, laptop, and software, however those big time money manipulators behind the likes of Pioneer still rip off the average DJ.

I have a pair of CDJ’s, and a hardware mixer which I view as the professional DJ way to integrate software, especially into large venues.

OK for small party venues a cheap Chinese power supply, with a spare backup, will suffice.



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