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VirtualDJ 8 Review

I’ve been struggling with vdj 8 for around a month, and it is now my preferred app. Almost everyday during this time I thought of changing to Traktor Pro! Vdj itself appears to be very stable when installed on an modern laptop (Win7, dual core cpu, 4gb+ memory minimum) which has been optimised. Vdj supply a tool which almost instantly performs most of this process, however some items still need resolving in the Win7 control panel. I often use cdj’s, hence the sandbox is not that relevant to me, however the coloured waveforms, and improved key detection are a blessing. Sampling is greatly improved. Effects are OK, but to my mind not a lot different to Vdj7. I keep learning every day as It is a big jump from Vdj7. The options menu requires more thought than its predecessors, but it is manageable. For instance I found it more difficult to configure a second monitor for karaoke. Some of the new features look like bugs, and caused me problems in front of an audience, however it was just my lack of understanding.
I still could jump ship, and board Traktor, however it now seems unlikely since I’m of the opinion that this is a fantastic upgrade.
Time will tell..