General Party Tips for DJ’s and Hosts

A great party does not happen accidentally. The main critical issue is the choice of venue. A rectangular function room with a stage, or DJ spot on a narrower back wall is ideal. Real walls are important to contain the music, mainly glass buildings allow it to drift away. You must accurately predict how many people will turn up for your party, and match it to the size of the venue. A huge venue and few people equals disaster. The DJ’s placing of his rig, and speakers is again critical for best performance. They should not be in a second best place to an expensive buffet. Anyway the true stars are the hosts and guests. Anything that can be offered in the lines of a party piece is excellent. For instance granddad singing My Way with no music is great. However don’t over do the party pieces, people also want to dance, and listen to their favourite tunes. What you are trying to do is replace a very expensive artist, and yes you can be better than the professional entertainer! Songs fit together like pieces of a jigsaw, they should be matched by beat, key and mood for best effect. Always give the DJ enough freedom to ensure matching songs are mostly played. I always sort a play-list I’ve been given into groups of songs which sound good together. Finally it is important that the DJ matches the music to the people, and he has good equipment.

That’s it …you can now have a great party, second to none!


Microphone Use

If you are unsure of the use of a microphone place it on your chin. If you are the DJ then adjust the volume to suit your voice. If your voice is deep then reduce the bass, and if you are squeaky increase the bass. Sometimes a little reverb or echo helps.

Factors affecting song mixing

Songs have to be comparable if they are to be mixed successfully.  The factors affecting a good mix are bpm, key and energy.

Bpm means beats per minute. For songs to beat mix they must normally have similar bpm’s. House uses around 128bpm.

Key is a musical measure ensuring mixed songs are in tune.

Energy is normally ascending generating excitement often leading to a drastic drop down from a steady house or trance beat to something like Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer.

Mp3 Song Quality

MP3 songs come in a wide range of qualities.
A 128 Kb/s CBR song is no were near cd quality. To achieve a good sound you need 192 Kb/s CBR or better. This is very, very important to a DJ.

Note CBR means constant bit rate. VBR means variable bit rate.  VBR is a newer method of compressing song files and makes smaller mp3 files.

DJ Ron


Welcome to my blog!

I am a Liverpool based karaoke DJ, who has been a karaoke lunatic from the early 1990′s. As a karaoke fan, I must mention two early Liverpool jocks, Storming Norman, and Jeff Armstrong.  In their time they were great! Stormin’ Norman packed the BrookHouse (Tuesday), on Smithdown Road, in Liverpool, whilst Jeff packed both Natterjacks (Tuesday), and St. Aidens (Monday)  in Liverpool. These two jocks set the standards for modern karaoke. Inspired by both of these men, I went on to build my rig using modern technology.

I will be posting useful tips here to help people.

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